Video: Elon Musk Wrecks BBC Reporter During Interview. “You Just Lied”

Elon Musk has gone viral after he sat down for an interview with BBC reporter James Clayton and pressed Clayton on a couple of controversial topics. Musk was so direct and unrelenting in his responses that Clayton later admitted, “Several times it felt like he was trying to interview me.”

On Tuesday evening, Musk and Clayton sat down for an in-person conversation, which Clayton claims had been spontaneously arranged earlier that day. The two touched on various topics, including the massive layoffs that have occurred at Twitter since Musk took over last year as well the “government-funded” media label that was recently added to the BBC’s Twitter account.

However, two aspects of the conversation have drawn particular interest on social media since the interview aired live on Twitter Spaces and the BBC: the supposed rise in hateful content on Twitter and COVID misinformation. During these discussions, Clayton appeared so surprised and uncomfortable that he repeatedly attempted to steer the discussions in another direction.

First, Clayton asserted that he had “personally” noticed a rise in hateful content on Twitter since Musk’s takeover. When Musk pressed him for an example of such “hateful” content, Clayton demurred and spoke generally about comments that could be considered “slightly racist or slightly sexist.” When Musk then asked for a specific example of hate speech that should be censored on Twitter, Clayton came up empty.

“I don’t actually use that feed any more because I don’t particularly like it,” Clayton stammered.

“You said you’ve seen more hateful content, but you can’t name a single example, not even one,” Musk countered.

Clayton continued to avoid giving an example, but Musk would not let him off the hook. “Then I say, sir, that you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Musk stated, adding that the premise of a rise in hate speech was “false.”

“You just lied!” Musk claimed.

Clayton denied the allegation and insisted that other “organizations” had reported a rise in hateful tweets in recent months. When Musk continued to demand an example, a seemingly exasperated Clayton claimed that they weren’t “getting anywhere” and suggested they just “move on.”

Elon wrecked James Clayton. Left him stumbling on his words and ultimately made him and the BBC look stupid.

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