Trans Teen In Colorado Arrested. Manifesto & Plans To Shoot Up School

Police in Colorado possibly stopped multiple potential massacres allegedly being planned by William Whitworth.

Whitworth, a biological male transitioning to a transgender woman, was hit with multiple charges Thursday and is accused of allegedly planning to shoot up multiple Colorado Springs schools, according to Fox 21. Whitworth was also possibly planning to target churches, according to an affidavit.

The suspect, who goes by the name Lilly, was charged with following.

Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder in the First Degree (two counts)
Criminal Mischief
Interference with Staff, Faculty, or Students of Educational Institutions
Police arrived on site last Friday after a 911 call claimed a person’s sister was threatening to shoot up a school and had anger issues, according to the arrest report obtained by Fox 21. Whitworth allegedly admitted to the police he had been planning to attack a school for “a month or two” and was nearing completion on his plan. William Whitworth allegedly told police he didn’t have a reason for his alleged plan, according to the report.

Whitworth also allegedly had a manifesto that included information on guns and 3D printed guns, according to the same report.

Police also recovered the Communist Manifesto and a notebook with suicidal thoughts. William Whitworth’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 5.

William Whitworth was hit with charges exactly 10 days after transgender mass killer Audrey Hale killed six people in Nashville.

Hale entered the Covenant School last Monday and shot and killed three innocent children and three adults. Her rampage came to an end when police came in firing.

Now, William Whitworth faces charges after allegedly plotting to do the same. Fortunately, police ended this potential situation before it even began. He’ll get his day in court, but this trend is incredibly troubling.

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