The Real Reason Government Wants To Ban TikTok

All this crap about China and TikTok is a lie if you ask me.

Does TikTok create smooth brain, sure it does. So does COD, Porn, Sports, TV, YouTube, Facebook and tons of other apps / outlets.

I truly believe that the American Government is upset that they can’t spy on you through TikTok because it’s not American owned. I think they want to be in the app censoring you the way they are inside of Facebook, Google and Twitter. Well, maybe Elon has corrected that after dropping taking over the app.

You should be aware of the fact the bills that are being written aren’t just targeting TikTok. As usual they are targeting you the American Citizen.

If you haven’t heard of The Restrict Act or The Data act then you should look into it. These bills are The Patriot Act for the internet. Furthering Big Government reach into your lives and devices. Not just your phone. Your Ring Cameras, House Cameras and just about anything digital.

You could face up to One Year in Prison for using a VPN and a possible fine of 1,000,000.

The proposed legislation contains ambiguous phrases like “desktop programs,” “mobile apps,” “gaming platforms,” “payment solutions,” and “web applications.” It targets relevant software with a user base exceeding 1 million in the U.S.

Those opposing the bill say it will give the state the power to police the entire internet and any platforms on it. Furthermore, some referred to it as the “Chinafication of America.”

This gets pretty deep and the scary thing is there is almost 100% bipartisan support for it.

Doesn’t sound like Freedom To Me

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Outlaw Morgan
Outlaw Morgan
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