Take That Larry!

Watching America become a CCP Communist style country isn’t fun to watch.

What’s even more frightening is the amount of people who enjoy watching others be censored. Not only are they happy about it, they want more of it.

1984 wasn’t supposed to become reality. It was fiction and should have remained that way.

There are people who blindly listen, watch and follow whatever the mainstream media (aka government’s propaganda machine) tells them.

People who were having epic meltdowns in Walmart. All because someone came into the store without a mask on. They literally believed that the person going to kill others. The TV programmed a fear into the masses.

Let’s look at Larry for example. Just because I don’t take everything that the media says as gospel he thinks I am dodging the “truth” and I am only looking for misinformation. The term misinformation all on its own is a weaponized word to deter you from listening to anyone but the so called approved “reliable sources.”

I want voices to be able to speak out Larry. I want people I “disagree” with to be able to speak out Larry! I want to live in a free and fair society that is bound by the Constitution Larry and Not The Government silencing us through BIG TECH LARRY!!!!


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Outlaw Morgan
Outlaw Morganhttps://outlawmorgan.com
Just watching the chaos and thinking that any minute now that Meteor should be here.

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