Rumble Is On Fire! Raid After Raid!

I have been paying more attention to Rumble. More than usual.

Many of you know that I stream on YouTube and have been for a long few years now. YouTube doesn’t care about us as streamers. They couldn’t care less if you are successful on their platform.

They have nuked channel after channel yet claim they do not shadow ban. This is impossible to believe because my channel has suffered for a long time now. I popped up – started blowing up and then they turn me off.

I am not the biggest channel by any means but I have a decent smaller channel with 48,519 subs.

Sad thing is I lose subs everyday and no matter if I upload or go live my channel growth is over. If I gain a sub I will lose a sub so it’s a wash. They can claim there’s no de-boosting or shadow banning but I believe that is a lie.

I sat on Rumble for a couple of days and started watching live streams. I see Flawdzilla has a rumble account now and I enjoy watching him because he’s not Mr. Super Conservative. For me it’s refreshing just to see someone hanging out and enjoying being live.

Something insane happened while I was on his stream. The CEO of Rumble @chrisrumble popped in. He threw some money to Flawdzilla – a decent amount. Then @chrisrumble raided other live streams and threw money at streamers. He even became a paying subscriber to channels.

I was watching him change lives. I saw how insanely ecstatic these streamers became as it was happening. It was electrifying and the energy was insane.

I sat back watching this take place thinking what a Genius Move! Something YouTube would never do, you are lucky if you even show up in the home feed on their platform. You are lucky if any notifications go out. You are lucky if you are able to survive the changes taking place there.

Shorts are crap, sure you get views but the conversion rate is garbage. Good luck getting new subs out of the infinite swipe fest.

But Rumble is really onto something and the fact that @chrisrumble is targeting gamers is a smart move. Many see Rumble as conservative platform and if he can grow other areas such as gaming, fishing, hunting, outdoors etc. He will put a big dent in the Big Tech Platform.

I have been hesitant to really get active on Rumble. I feel like no one even knows I am there which kills my ambition to put in the time.

After seeing what I have seen I can say that feeling is over. I want to support a platform that actually supports the creators as well as their right to speak freely.

I have a strong feeling that Rumble is going to grow and grow fast, very fast. We know that some heavy hitters have already moved to Rumble. Creators who have been canceled by YouTube are now on Rumble and doing well. People are getting more views on Rumble than they are on the Google Platform. Funny thing is – with less subscribers on Rumble.

Careful YouTube, Rumble may just shake your platform up.

My Rumble: Outlaw Morgan

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Outlaw Morgan
Outlaw Morgan
Just watching the chaos and thinking that any minute now that Meteor should be here.

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