Real or Fake? Dylan Mulvaney Claims To Be Spokesman For Bud Light.

Noted crazy person Dylan Mulvaney who is on day 300-something of “being a girl” posted a Bud Light ad today on his social pages and nobody knows if its real or a prank. You watch and decide:

He posted that to his IG with the hashtag #budlightpartner.

Dylan also posted the following pic to his IG Stories, showing a Bud Light can with his newly disfigured face on it, appearing to be a gift for “365 days of being a girl” (see top of can):

There were several other stupid subsequent social posts from Mulvaney featuring Bud Light.

I’ll level with you: Most of the internet thinks it’s real. But I just cannot believe it. I cannot believe this is real. As of right now I think it’s a prank. But I can’t be 100% because this was also real:

Dylan is making a living off dressing up like a girl and acting like Peg Bundy.

This Bud Light dilemma could def be real because he isn’t self aware enough to know that he’s acting like a cartoon. But I still don’t think it’s real. Oh, Lord I hope it’s not real. Stay tuned.

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