Miracle Spring Water For Sell

This is just a parody of Rev. Peter Popoff who is a complete fraud but then again most of those guys are. There is no bigger business then what they are selling.

Look at Kenneth Copeland for example. What an extremely weird and creepy man he is and so see through. But it works and if you are selling – someone is buying. That’s the game.

Peter Popoff was exposed in 1986 for using a concealed earpiece to receive radio messages from his wife, who gave him the names, addresses, and ailments of audience members during Popoff-led religious services. Popoff falsely claimed God revealed this information to him so that Popoff could pretend to cure them through faith healing

He went bankrupt the next year, but made a comeback in the late 1990s. Beginning in the mid-2000s, Popoff bought TV time to promote “Miracle Spring Water” on late-night infomercials, and referred to himself as a prophet. “We’ve done so many stories about him, but it never does any good,” said Ole Anthony, founder of Trinity Foundation, which has investigated Popoff and other faith healers since 1987. “His scams are endless.” “Miracle Spring Water” promotions were still running on TV channels in the United States and Canada in 2023.

Popoff was collecting almost $4 million per year in the late 1980s, according to Randi. In 2003, his ministry received over $9.6 million, and in 2005, over $23 million. In that year, he and his wife were paid a combined salary of nearly $1 million, while two of his children received over $180,000 each. Financial data is not available for Popoff’s ministry since 2005 because Peter Popoff Ministries changed from a for-profit business to a religious organization in 2006, making it tax-exempt.[46] Popoff purchased a home in Bradbury, California, for $4.5 million in 2007. He drives a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz.

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