Matt Walsh silences trans debate opponent who tried to use EMT training to prove sex is ‘complicated spectrum’

Matt Walsh asked just one hypothetical question on Tuesday to shut down a transgender debate opponent who argued against the biological gender binary.

Speaking at a Young America’s Foundation event at New Mexico State University, one of the brave individuals who dared debate Walsh identified as a transgender EMT and argued that biological sex is a “complicated spectrum.”

After a respectful back-and-forth in which Walsh registered his disagreement with his opponent, he fired off one last question.

“You’re responding to a health emergency. Biological male — somebody with a penis — is having a medical emergency and they say to you, ‘I think I’m having a miscarriage.’ Would you check them to see if they’re having a miscarriage? Would you consider that a possibility for them?” Walsh asked.

The question silenced the trans advocate.

After nearly 10 seconds of silence, Walsh’s opponent responded, “No.”

The opponent then argued that body parts do not define whether someone is male or female, nor does the ability to become pregnant, because many women cannot, for some reason or another, get pregnant.

“Truth matters and they can’t get pregnant — that’s the truth — so how are they still woman?” Walsh’s opponent asked.

Emphasizing the point, Walsh explained that if a woman cannot get pregnant, doctors run tests to understand why because it’s known that something is wrong if women, who by their nature should be able to get pregnant, cannot. On the other hand, if a man cannot become pregnant, doctors do not run tests because men by their nature cannot become pregnant.

Walsh’s opponent was once again left in silence, then simply turned and walked away. The exchange received more than 10 million views on social media by Wednesday afternoon.

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